Happy 2019.

I spent a lot of the last two and a bit weeks driving around Tasmania, or tramming or training around Melbourne and Sydney… It was a fantastic time, and one which I had intended to dedicate to some significant writing time. Unfortunately our usual packed schedule meant I couldn’t realistically fit in much time for writing or even reading (at least as much as I’d like).

That means that returning to Auckland, with only two days left before heading back to work I really need to knuckle down and get some serious writing done over the next few weeks. It doesn’t matter what is happening in the day job I need to set my alarm to get up an hour earlier than I would do – and use that time to not to catch up with UK Facebook, but writing.

We’ll see whether it actually happens.

NB: #thisisnotaresolution

WordPress 5.0…

So I run a number of WordPress websites for different people on a voluntary basis. I’ve installed the classic editor plug-in on all of them, in preparation for the WordPress 5.0 update – which I’ve started bulk installing across all sites. My instinct tells me the proposed changes are too big to trial on anyone else’s site. I’m going to have to try it out here first, but I’m not sure I have enough content to make it worthwhile… Let’s see, I’m going in – wish me luck!